At EMS, we do things a little differently, and our process is designed with you in mind. We call it the EMS difference.

Straightforward Installation

By putting more thought into how we engineer our products, we ensure that installation takes less time and effort. Simple point-to-point wiring reduces the amount of connections and saves time on an expensive installation. This saves you money and hassle on the back end, which more than pays back your initial investment in a quality EMS product.

Straight from our customer's mouth:
"It’s a cut and dry easy process that is user friendly and very reliable."
- Steve
Reported 10-15% time saving during installation
Dependable Pricing

We understand that when you're bidding a project, you need accurate pricing to maintain your project's budget. At EMS, we're known for our transparent and consistent pricing estimates.

Straight from our customer's mouth:
"They provide drawings for approval in a timely manner, and their pricing stays consistent and doesn’t change before the delivery dates that we were given on the front end."
- Brett
100% of EMS price quotes are consistent.
Low Maintenance

An elevator that requires frequent maintenance is a hassle for you, so we've made it a priority to manufacture low-maintenance equipment. By installing an EMS product, you can feel confident that your elevator will operate reliably for years to come.

Straight from our customer's mouth:
"EMS is a one-stop shop when it comes to freight doors. Their interactive R&D, their improved controller and light ray for the doors is top of the line."
- Charles
100% of EMS Eclips controllers are tested in house to reduce maintenance calls.
Timely Response

Getting you what you need to do your job is a priority. At EMS, our experienced staff is prepared to work with you throughout your project. We're ready to quickly prepare a quote and get you the solutions you need. We're fast and accurate to provide you the best service possible.

Straight from our customer's mouth:
"Thank you to Brad and the EMS team for getting my drawings and quote back to me so quickly!"
- Jesse
Hours or less
The standard quote turnaround time at EMS is 8 hours or less.
Tech Support

Technical support is only as good as the people providing it. When you call EMS Group, you'll speak directly with an expert whether you need help with mechanical or Eclips door control support.

Straight from our customer's mouth:
"They do a really good job of supporting their product. If you have an issue, which is unlikely, they figure it out. When you call, they pick up the phone. If they’re away from their desks, you hear from them that day. They’re accessible and knowledgeable."
- Daniel
Our technical support team has more than 250 combined years of experience.

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