Rugged structural steel frames provide the foundation for Power and Manual mesh gates and car doors.

Standard Gate Features
Listed below is a set of standard features that apply to every EMS gate that we offer
Standard Gate Features
Listed below is a set of standard features that apply to every EMS gate that we offer
Product Construction
Standard Equipment
Optional Equipment
Power Gate
Manual Gate
EMS one-section car gate is constructed of 1/2" x 2 1/2" #12 gauge wire mesh, set in a perimeter structural angle frame. Angle and flat bar ribs are utilized to provide reinforcing across the body of the gate panel. The car gate will close off the entire width of the entrance cab to a height of 6′-0″.
Gate Tracks
Formed steel “C” section of 3/16″ thick material. Mounting slots are provided for track mounting to assist in setting the track gauge.
Gates that slide up to open.
Gate is equipped with support chains that connect the counterbalance weight.
Counterbalance weight utilizes a guide system throughout its entire travel within the enclosed steel trough.
A contact switch is provided to interrupt the running of the car in the event the car gate is open.
Support chains ride over ball bearing supported sprocket assemblies.
Power operated gates are equipped with a reopening device across the bottom of the gate panel.
Cam Power
Retiring cam and cam power unit are arranged for ease in mounting to the gate tracks.
Light Curtain Detection System
Multiple beam protection is provided in the path leading the car door/gate to detect an obstruction prior to contact with the car door/gate. EMS standard contact reopening device will remain on the car door/gate and will be fully functional as a redundant safety device.
Wood Bumper Guard
A hardwood bumper candy provided across the car door/gate with on elevators with both front and rear opening. It is used to help reduce damage to the closed car door/gate during loading and unloading of the elevator car. The typical bumper rail is constructed of 2 inch by 6 inch oak, and can be located from 8” off the floor to 24” off the floor, with 12” being standard.
Solid Panel Construction
The solid panel car door is fabricated similar to the steel plate door with a perimeter angle frame and angles sheet stiffeners. The smooth or sheep side of the car door is facing the inside of the car. Angles will be visible on the perimeter and Corridor side of the car door. A lift bar will be provided on the car side of the car door. Typically these car doors will be made full opening height of the cab and often will require two section panel construction due to limited hoistway overhead space.
Passenger Use Package
Included is a light curtain detection system that monitors the path of the car door for possible obstructions. Restrictor blocks are provided to lock the car door closed while the car is not at a selected Landing. The car door supplied will be solid panel construction to close the entire car opening. Also provided is a visual and audible signaling device to alert riders that car door closing sequence is initiated.
Electrical Devices
EMS standard electrical hardware meets NEMA 1 requirements. Hardware to meet all other NEMA ratings available upon request.
Stainless Steel
Like landing doors there are several construction methods for stainless steel car doors/gates. Each application must be evaluated to determine whether stainless steel being used for corrosion protection, or for aesthetic and corrosion protection purposes.