EMS has extensive knowledge and experience creating vertical transportation capabilities for vehicles. Our car elevators are designed for transporting vehicles or freight and have been featured in everything from dealerships to condo parking areas.


EMS utilizes explosion-proof electrical devices for hazardous locations, including outdoor applications exposed to nature. We can create products that meet specific environmental challenges and regulations.

Food Processing

Industrial elevators for food processing plants featuring complete stainless steel construction requirements that meet FDA regulations are our speciality. We can help ensure that your project is prepared for your rigorous cleaning program to maintain exceptional levels of standard, and keep your environment clean.


Hospitals require special freight elevators that can handle heavy use and must be created to specific dimensions. Our team has created these specialized lifts for 30+ years and for hundreds of facilities. These spaces require stainless and clean environments, and EMS can meet these specifications.


For retail spaces that require freight elevators, we have special solutions that save precious square footage and turn your store into a productive hub. We can design custom applications for your retail space across multiple locations.

Heavy Industrial / Manufacturing

EMS can create a custom freight elevator for your manufacturing facility no matter the size or capacity. Our controllers and door systems are designed to handle high frequency of use.

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