Passenger Cab Interiors

Custom Cab Interior Finishes

EMS is proud to offer a complete line of interior finishes ranging from basic, cost effective models to custom designed interiors

These cab interiors are the perfect fit for your next cab renovation and are equipped with state-of-the-art computer-controlled production equipment, management software and vigorous project management protocols.

Cab Interior Features
Listed below is a set of standard features that we offer:
Cab Interior Features
Listed below is a set of standard features that we offer:
Extremely Lightweight Panels
Our lightweight panels were designed to keep installation time to a minimum. They are also an effective solution for weight restrictions on modernization projects.
Our cab interiors can be customized with any material and finishes to achieve the look you want.
Framed, floating, slim-line, vaulted and convertible ceilings available for your passenger cab.
Reversible Panel Design
Innovative, reversible panels with removable stainless steel kick plates and bolted handrails.
Cab Lighting
LED downlighting, perimeter cove lighting to enhance the look of your cab.
Hand Rails
Available in a variety of sizes and finishes including round and flat.
Reversible Panels
Reversible panels extend the life of your cab interior and minimize repair and replacement costs.
Trim pieces between panels keep laminate edges protected
Our handrails are bolted through the cab to increase stability and strength

Design and specify your own passenger cab interior

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