EMS Reveals Refreshed Branding

After 31 years in business, EMS Group, Inc. has released refreshed branding after engaging the help of marketing agency, goBRANDgo!. With a new logo and website, the new brand assets will be revealed throughout the course of 2018. The new look was debuted at the ECNY Showcase and NAEC Spring Conference in April. You can expect to see it at trade shows such as CECA in Calgary, Alberta and the Wisconsin Elevator Symposium this September in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

“This new branding more accurately represents our forward-thinking approach to the elevator door industry,” Wayne Bené, President and CEO of EMS Group. “It helps to modernize our brand and helps us better communicate the innovation that goes into all of our projects.”

At the core of the EMS approach is the thoughtful design of products to simplify the installation process and ensure long-lasting quality. With this ideal in mind, goBRANDgo! junior designer Shannon Levin recognized the need for a logo and design aesthetic that reflected innovation and sleek design.


“This new branding more accurately represents our forward-thinking approach to the elevator door industry”

– Wayne Bené, EMS President and CEO


“Our goal was to produce a logo that felt modern and sleek, yet strong and simple,” Shannon said. “We wanted to convey the EMS story and product line as being forward-thinking, and we did just that.”

Inspired by EMS’s vertical bi-parting doors, Levin custom designed letters for the logo. Making references to the EMS product line within the design helped to make the logo stand out and speak specifically to the brand.

The upward-pointing arrow over the “M” conveys that the EMS brand is always ascending, looking toward the future and seeking the highest possibility for design. As for the color palette, EMS selected tones that are technological yet approachable. Comprised of blue, orange, and slate gray, the refreshed colors add a new energy and vibrancy to the overall feel of the brand.

“We’re excited to unveil this new look for EMS and look forward to all the ways it will carry our brand into the future,” Bené said.