Freight For Thought

New Construction Projects

There are thousands of details to consider when approaching a new construction project. The configuration of your freight elevator and freight elevator doors are critical to the safety and effectiveness of the building’s function.

Consulting with an elevator expert is a crucial step in making the right decisions when it comes to the design of your freight elevators and freight elevator doors. A qualified expert can help ensure the new construction process runs smoothly and that the elevator is set up well for its intended use.

These are a few questions we ask our customers when approaching new projects:

1. What will the elevator be hauling?

The size and weight of the freight your elevator will be hauling will determine much of its design. Since the freight doors carry the weight of the goods across the door sill, it is crucial to size the doors according to the weight and type of loading that elevator will carry. Also, it’s important to consider if your elevator will need to accommodate passengers riding on the car or not.

2. Under what environmental conditions will the elevator function?

The choices made in planning your freight elevator and freight elevator door setup will vary based on environmental conditions. If your freight elevator is located outdoors or in an area with hazardous conditions, special components are necessary to meet the strict requirements for corrosion resistance and combustible materials.

3. How will the hoistway and door openings be constructed?

There are a few items to keep in mind with regards to the construction of the hoistway. First is if there is a variance it floor heights and door openings. Different type freight doors may be required for different floor-to-floor travel. Our ‘Which Freight Door is Right for You’ blogpost gives more detail on the different types of freight doors and their applications. Another item to consider is the physical construction of the hoistway (e.g. masonry, brick, drywall). Different hoistway construction will require different means of door equipment installation.

Regardless of your project’s needs, when you work with EMS Group, you’ll have access to an experienced engineer who can help guide you along in the process of creating a freight door system that perfectly suits your operation.