Two Section Slide Up

Ideal for Heavy Capacities to Allow Direct Loading to Platform


All slide up doors require separate counterweights. Two section slide up doors are recommended for elevators with excessive loading requirements. With both panels traveling up to open, all trucking weight is transferred directly from the building floor to the elevator platform. Projecting sills are required beyond the hoistway wall for supporting the slide up type doors. These doors can be more costly because of the additional counterweight and weight troughs that are not required on traditional bi-parting type doors.


Allows for Heavy Capacities

slide up design prevents loading over door trucking sill.

Functionality that lasts

Rugged construction provides durability and consistency of operation not found in space-consuming and easily damaged horizontal slide doors.

Consistently quiet

Exclusive computerized control systems constantly monitor and adjust the performance of freight elevator doors for quiet, smooth operation.


The room side of a slide up door can be just as architecturally pleasing as any other type of door.


All EMS doors are constructed of heavy structural steel and #12 gauge steel plate.


EMS will furnish UL labels on doors up to 16' 10" wide and 15' high.

Standard Door Features
Listed below is a set of standard features that apply to every EMS door that we offer.
Standard Door Features
Listed below is a set of standard features that apply to every EMS door that we offer.
Product Construction
Standard Equipment
Optional Equipment
Power Operated Doors
These are strongly recommended for doors with an opening size greater than 8’ wide by 8’ high or when elevator is intended for industrial truck use. Power doors may also be a consideration on smaller doors when used more frequently due to the amount of force required to operate.
Manually Operated Doors
All EMS manual Landing doors are upgradeable to the power operation without the need for costly complete replacement.
Flush Steel Plate Construction
Flush steel plate construction utilizing angle reinforcing ribs welded to a 12 gauge carbon steel roomside sheet. Perimeter frame is constructed using angle and channel assemblies.
Door Tracks
These are formed carbon steel "J" section of 3/16" thick material. Mounting holes are provided for both track mounting to jamb channels and at all hardware mounting locations.
Bi-parting vertical operating doors that are equipped with relating chains to synchronize operation.
Bi-parting doors are equipped with a truckable sill on the top of the lower door panel.
All doors are equipped with a vision glass unless specified otherwise.
The leading edge of the upper door panel is equipped with non-shearing, non-crushing UL tested and approved astragal assembly.
Interlocks: Interlocks or Lock and Contacts are provided as required by code. Locks are used to lock the upper door panel in place.
Relating chains are high strength leaf chain construction. Door chains are factory cut to length to help minimize installation time. Chain attachments are done with milled groove adjustable rods and connecting links.
Adjustable machined groove cast guide shoes.
Pull straps for manual and power doors.
Fastener Kits packed per hardware device for ease in installation.
Power doors are equipped with dual operators and a position sensor to determine exact door location at all times.
All electrical hardware items are minimum NEMA 1 rated. This includes door motors and position sensors on power doors.
Auxiliary locking devices are provided on side opposite door interlock on doors wider than 13'-6".
Manufacturers preferred track lubrication provided with each installation.
Electrical Devices
EMS electrical hardware meets NEMA 1 requirements. Hardware to meet all other NEMA ratings available upon request.
Can be provided for exterior doors or doors at refrigerated levels to minimize airflow into the hoistway.
Sound Deadening
EMS can provide a latex bituminous coating to the shaft side of the hoistway doors. The doors receive a factory finish over the coating. This will minimize the sometime metallic sound that can occur during trucking or operation of the doors. The textured material will also help minimize noise transmitted from the hoistway to the hall or corridor. This coating is often used in hotels or office environments where noise can be an issue.
Insulated Doors
Hoistway doors are constructed to the same rigid requirements as our steel plate doors. We then apply insulating panels (R-7.5) to the shaft side of the doors and then cover with a 16-gauge steel shaft side sheet that is welded in place.
Restricted Access Locks
Electric lock to prevent operation and access to designated Landings. These are used on exterior applications and secure floors of buildings. Operation can be activated by typical methods: key switch, card reader, or remote security station. Lock status monitoring is available for remote signaling. The location of these walks in the hoistway are governed by and in some cases prohibited by national codes.
Many finish coatings are available. EMS standard finish is a medium gray powder coat finish. Color charts are available upon request or customer specified color and color chip match is available.EMS can also apply numbers to shaft side of hoistway doors. Typically 6”-high markings.
Stainless Steel
Many construction methods exist for stainless steel hoistway doors and specific use of each particular application must be taken into account to maintain cost and provide lasting performance. Each application must be evaluated to determine whether stainless steel is being used for aesthetic value, corrosion protection, or both.

Customization for Two Section Slide Up

Whether it’s new construction or modernization, EMS provides a quality product to meet your most exacting requirements.

  • Doors up to 24′ wide x 16′ high
  • Elevator capacities up to 60,000 lbs.
  • Specializing in custom and non-standard applications
  • Complete parts inventory available for express delivery
Opening Height7'8'9'10'11'12'13'14'15'
Min. Clear Under Projecting Sill12'-2"13'-8"15'-2"16'-18178-2"19'-8"21'-2"22'-8"24'-2"

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